August 07, 2006

Day 11 - Jim Thompson's House

On the way to Jim Thompson house, two gentlemen tried a scam I was warned about in my guidebooks. As I exited the tram, one man approached me and said the Jim Thompson house was closed for a special occasion. I ignored him and then halfway to the house, another man approached me and said "Don't you believe the man who told you Jim Thompson house is closed, you are wasting your time walking there". I ignored him and continued on to the house, which was of course open. The scam is to try to convince you that what you want to see is closed but the helpful conmen will bring you to an even better alternative.

Jim Thompson was an American who jumpstarted the Thai silk industry by starting the Thai Silk company in 1948. In 1967, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances while on holiday in Malaysia and his home became a museum. The tour of his home was informative(pictures are from google images).

The silks in the museum shop were beautiful. I learned later that there are several Jim Thompson shops located throughout Bangkok (including the Paragon shopping plaza).

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