July 01, 2006

Hampton Court to Claremont Landscape Garden and Belvedere Tower

Margaret Sharp led this Richmond ramble based on Walk 19 in the booklet "Rural Walks around Richmond". I lost my bearings shortly after losing sight of the Hampton Court train station. At one point we went under a railroad bridge and Margaret explained that Horsham was the closest station. I took a picture of this idyllic home on the river just before we came upon a cricket game. In a few minutes we were at Garsons "Pick Your Own" farm. The shop, garden supplies and farm were lovely. I was much less impressed with the cafe as I spent £3.85 on a tepid cup of diet coke, a small ice cream cone, and 3 digestive bisquits. I then paid £1.45 for a small bottle of water.

After lunch, it was on to Claremont Landscape Garden (National Trust property, earliest surviving English landscape garden, started before 1720). I climbed up Belvedere Tower, a treat since it is only opened about 10 days per year. I then walked around the lake and caught the hourly Surrey Gardens Explorer Bus 415 to Kingston via Esher and Surbiton.

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