July 10, 2006

Day 9 - Ephesus Turkey

In sharp contrast to Nic in Athens, Denis of Sisantours was very enthusiastic, and the tour was $45 pp including lunch and a nice tip. He guided us for 4 hours through Efes which was much more crowded than our last tour with Pacha Tours. In the arena, someone sang an impromptu "Amazing Grace" and the acoustics (and her voice) were fabulous. Efes (aka Ephesus) was one of the largest cities of the time.

Later, Nic drove us to Virgin Mary house, took us inside a mosque, to a ceramics demonstration and leather fashion show, and on a short detour to view an aqueduct in the hills. He dropped some of us off in the shopping area and others at the port (plenty of duty free shopping opportunities there). We thought this tour was excellent!

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