July 08, 2006

Day 7 - Athens Greece

Jan hired a “driver” (Nic from greektaxi) for ~$40 pp. He was a mechanical engineer and somewhat indifferent – always asking us where we wanted to go. He drove us past the olympic stadium, presidential palace, Syntagma Square and some other sights before dropping us off at the Acropolis (“High City” including the Parthenon, Propylea, Temple of Athena Nike, Erectheion and Museum). We bought our own tickets and toured on our own, enjoying the site, views and museum. Kris and I walked through the Ancient Agora, museum, and small Zeus temple (also saw a tortoise).

We walked into the Plaka (town) for lunch AND a phone charger. We all met at Starbucks near the Mitropoli Cathedral and Nic then drove us up to the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Theatre of Dionysus. He then drove us up to the monastery – we did not climb up to the monastery but the view was spectacular.

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