July 04, 2006

Day 3 - Venice Secret Doge Itineraries

Breakfast was a nice buffet and early. We caught the first tender to Venice so that we could go on the Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries tour. The tour included the offices of the Doge’s Secretary, rooms in the “Deputy of the secret works of the Council of Ten who kept the secret archives, office of the Grand Chancellor, the Secret Chancellery, the torture room, the Plombi prison rooms, the Pozzi prison cells, and Doge’s office (above which was the torture room) with the secret entrances. There were many secret passageways, entrances, and rooms. We learned about the intrigue of the Venice Courts, their system of secret archives and handling of “accusations” and quite a bit about Casanova. It was a great tour – we really got to see a completely different perspective. We quickly toured some of the other palace rooms but then headed back to the ship.

Aunt Gloria and I went to the internet café and shops until it was time for the Cruise Critic (fount of knowledge) happy hour. We all regrouped in Jan and Tom’s cabin (mini-suite with great balcony) for a spectacular “Sail Away” from Venice.

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