July 30, 2006

Day 3 - Atami and Hakone Museum of Art

Kris started the morning by following the careful instructions for enjoying the "onsen" or hot spring bath e.g., "wash thoroughly before entering and NEVER bring soap with you into the onsen itself". He enjoyed the experience but I desperately needed the sleep!

We enjoyed another lavishly prepared Japanese meal - breakfast - with our hosts followed by a self-guided audio tour of the very interesting Showa Shell Museum.

After saying our goodbyes to one couple, the other couple drove us to the fabulous Museum of Art in Hakone. The art of woodblock printing, the Noh Theatre (always has a pine tree on the back stage) replica, and the golden tea house were several of the highlights.

We were then taken to the Takashimaya department store for some shopping and a delicious tempura meal. Then we were driven to our hotel (Grand Pacific Meridien) in Daiba.

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