May 10, 2006

Bluebells (Watford Station)

Texans love their Bluebonnets and the British love their Bluebells.

This 9 mile hike was led by the Richmond Ramblers. After learning that Watford Station and Watford Junction are possibly at the opposite ends of the universe, we made it safely to the starting point. We loved all the green space and were amazed when we were given right of way when crossing golf courses because the footpaths were there first! The hike was fabulous!

Banjo was a very lucky dog because Trudy and Amy insisted that he join the hike. Except for being threatened by vicious swans (they growl!) and being saved by a local biker who ran them off so we could pass, the only challenge for Banjo was the public transportation (tube and train) - and he did just fine!

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