April 14, 2006

Crane River Park & Sagar

We set off on "Along the River Crane" aka Walk 12 from Margaret Sharp's book "Travelcard Walks in West London". We started off in Twickenham Green and marvelled at how beautiful spots such as the Crane River Park are tucked away all over London. I took a picture of the "Largest Crack Willow Tree in the UK" and the plaque to prove it. The "Shot Tower" (a former lookout for the Hounslow Gun Works) was situated next to the Island Nature Reserve which we explored.

We ended our hike in Hanworth. Two young boys saw us puzzling over the bus stop map and politely asked "Where would you like to go?". It is wonderful that children can safely use public transportation in the UK. The boys safely directed us back toward Twickenham where we enjoyed lunch at the new South Indian Vegetarian restaurant "Sagar". We now have to figure out how to get back on weekdays at lunch time for the £4.95 lunch special or anytime for the £2.95 takeaway box.

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