April 19, 2006

Clapham Junction - Britain's Busiest Railway Station

Clapham Junction is "Britain's busiest railway station" and not a lift or escalator anywhere. Southwest Trains has written that they will not consider any infrastructure improvements unless they win the next franchise. Gatwick departures are on Platform 13 whereas the Richmond arrivals are on ~ Platform 5 if I recall correctly. I have determined by trial and error that it feels less arduous to take the overland rather than subterranean route between platforms.

When travelling by public transportation to Gatwick, I take the bus from Kew Gardens to Richmond, climb the stairs up and then down to the train (Richmond has no lifts either), alight at Clapham Junction and climb the stairs up and down to Platform 13 and catch the train to Gatwick (where there are lifts). My recommendation is to at least build a lift at Platform 13 ASAP. In the interim, why can't some strong people earn some ££ hauling our luggage up and down those stairs?

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