March 16, 2006

Book Club

We are a small group of Brits and Americans (we do welcome members of all nationalities) who meet monthly to discuss a book chosen by consensus. LtoR: Nancy, Cathy, Terri, Loreen, Kim, Miriam - missing are Connie (in US) and Carrie (photographer).

We meet in someone's home - usually Loreen or Cathy - but we are bravely talking about venturing outside Zone 1 to meet in other members' homes when the days get longer - and our chances of getting there and back home are better. We all grab something to bring to eat on the way in and the host provides very generous quantities of wine and dessert.

This month we discussed "Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons" by Lorna Landvik. This was a book about a group of women who lived on the same street and held themed book club meetings for decades. This was a VERY American book and the Brits just "didn't get it". They might (but might not) confide such things to family or close friends but NEVER to neighbors. The Americans admitted they might be quicker to share personal information with family, friends, neighbors, book club, at parties and on long flights.

After this lesson in cultural diversity, we have agreed to read a BRITISH book - "In a Land of Plenty" by Tim Pears.

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