March 05, 2006

Banjo Immigrates to Kew

Posted by Picasa Banjo with his "How can you leave me?" look. (May 2004)

Banjo was one of the early beneficiaries of the moderated defra policy on pet immigration to the UK. Although he did not have to languish for 6 months in a UK kennel, the process was daunting. He had to be microchipped (euro chip), have a blood sample sent to a special lab, and get another rabies vaccination. He spent 4 months with a foster family in the US. Exactly 24 - 48 hours before he was scheduled to fly to the UK, he had to get tick and tapeworm treatment. The entire process required reams of paperwork on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although not necessary, his foster parents decided to accompany him on the 9 hour flight to the UK. They brought him to the airport 3 hours before departure and found they had to purchase a new crate that appeared to be large enough for a labrador retriever. Upon their arrival, I signed the papers and then we humans went home to wait 3 hours for Banjo to go through the immigration process and be delivered to our home. The foster parents looked like hell after this ordeal but Banjo looked like he had been on a 20 minute car ride. Banjo looked confused and then delighted as his 4 favorite people welcomed him into his new home.

Banjo has adapted well to life in Kew and especially enjoys the London climate - cool, no fleas, and only a few mosquitoes. Ideal for schnauzers who have sensitive skin and are prone to skin allergies.

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