March 09, 2006

Banjo & Doggy Day-Care

We would like to know what Banjo does at Waggy Tales to tire him out so much. Miniature Schnauzers are an energetic breed, and Banjo is no exception.

One day, we took multiple forms of public transport and walked a mile to get to the starting point of a hike. We hiked 9 miles, and sometimes Banjo was up to his elbows in muck. He rested briefly (10 minutes) and then the food was brought out. Banjo personally kept the floor free of anything edible that was dropped for over 2 hours. Then we took multiple forms of transportation home (by now you have figured out - we don't have a car). The next day we could barely move but Banjo was up and ready to go on another long hike.

Andrew (the owner of Waggy Tales) picks him up on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Banjo runs enthusiastically to the door to be scooped up and placed in a kennel in a van. Banjo and other dogs are driven to a farm with 3 barns and a pond. When we enquire as to what Banjo does all day, Andrew replies that Banjo "explores" and "follows me around". Apparently Banjo is more of a people-dog than a dog-dog. I know he doesn't swim (he jumps incredible distances over puddles to avoid getting his paws wet) nor retrieves.

When Banjo comes home in the afternoon, all he does is drink water and go to bed. He wakes up to eat dinner and goes to bed. He comes upstairs with us and gets right into his crate. He sleeps soundly through the night and is still sleepy the next morning. He is completely KNACKERED (a British term)! We need to learn and apply a few Waggy Tales tricks so that Banjo may sleep in a little longer on the weekends.

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